• Smart Home Automation

    Intuitive User Interface

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    Truley Wireless System

    Cable-Free Walls

  • Super Green Systems

    Eco-Friendly and Energy Saving

Home Automation

UTECH provides cutting-edge technology and smart home in Abu Dhabi and the UAE...


VIP Section

We have special eye on our VIP client, providing them with luxurious solutions...


Wireless Systems

Not only controlling wirelessly, but the entire system could be cable-free mentality...

User interface built to fit all kind of devices and screen sizes

UTECH has always cared for getting the technology to everyone in the family or business, and it shouldn't be forcing someone to spend more on getting the required device for the system.

Hence, We worked on delivering the user interface software to almost all kind of screens, compatible with all kinds of devices, also allowing the system to be more accurate and up to date with developing technology nowadays.

Why Choosing UTECH?

Fully dedicated to satisfy all sorts of projects needs with an ongoing support and following up.

Modern Designs

Taking care of every design detail.

Solid Systems

Strong infrastructure for a stable system

24/7 Tech Support

Always avaialable fully euquipped for any need.

Variaty of Options

Depending on the project, choices will never finish.


Human-Like system that can be configured to do almost anything.


Just to the client needs and specific requirments.